• Once you call, text or email us: Provide the year, make and model of the vehicle, and description of the problems you are experiencing, one of our helpful and friendly team members will give a premilinary diagnose and give you a quote over the phone.

  • To set an appointment: Sussess some times you will be available, and provide an address where you would like us to preform the work. 

  • On the day of your appointment: Your ASE certified Technician will call 30min before your appointment to confirm. He or she will arrived prepared with all the tools and parts needed to service you upon arrival.

  • Our highly trained, professional, and well organized technician will introduce themselves and go over the symptoms your experiencing with the brakes. At that time you will authorize them to perform the brake inspection.

  • The brake inspection. It will include a walk around to note any existing damages to the vehicle, a computer scan of the ABS module (if applicable), a test drive to experience the symptoms you mentioned, and finally the technician will raise the vehicle to remove the wheels and visually inspect the friction materials and hydraulic system.

  • After our technician gives a final diagnosis, they will present to you what they found and an exact estimate to repair. We will never charge anything more then what you approve and we will never recommend un-needed repairs.

  • Upon completion of repairs, the technician will take your vehicle on a final test drive to burnish in the new brake pads or shoes and verify readiness of your vehicle.

  • The technician will then collect payment and give you a receipt. 

two mobile brake pros service vans in a park

two mobile brake pros service vans in a park